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How Do Quartz Watches Work ?

Quartz watches – we all know of them, use them , rely on them – but have you ever stopped to wonder how they work ? How a mineral like quartz can possibly be used to keep acurate time? Well wonder no more, in this article we hope to lay bare some the secrets and mysteries of the little marvel on your wrist, the quartz watch.

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The Joy of Slinky – The Physics of a Metal Marvel

I’ve recently re-discovered the joy of the Slinky – one of the simplest of all children’s toys and yet, so beguiling, as it seems to defy the laws of physics by hinting at some sort of perpetual motion. So how on earth does this work?

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Why do we sometimes get a tune stuck in our heads ?

Why is it that we sometimes get a tune or chorus stuck in our heads and play it over and over again even though it’s driving us crazy?
This is one of those questions that one wonders if there really could be an answer or is it ‘just one of those things’. Well some neuroscientists, pyschologists and evene marketers have something to say on this subject.

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How does soap work?

A bar of soap is a chemical miracle – a little scented block that unleashes molecular forces when dunked in water. In this article we look how this little miracle actually works.

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How do Barcodes Work ?

Barcodes are an example of one of those modern ubiquitous technologies that we take for granted. They ‘just work’ – but HOW ?

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Why do things burn?

Burning, technically known as combustion, is a chemical reaction where a substance combines with oxygen and releases energy in the form of heat and light, which we see as flames. The substance starts off in a higher energy state, and by combining with oxygen ends up in a lower energy state.

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Why do Boomerangs come back?

Boomerangs are commonly thought to be the invention of Aboriginal Australians but over the years they have turned up at archaeological sites as far apart as Arizona and India with the oldest known specimen, around 23,000 years old, but how do they fly ?

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Why do tides ebb and flow?

In a nutshell … tides are caused by the gravitational attraction between the moon and the Earth. In this article we look at how.

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What is the Gaia hypothesis?

You may have heard of the name ‘Gaia’ as the personification of the Earth, or mother Earth. But in this article we look at a serious hypothesis that relates to mother Earth as if she ‘acts’ as part of a global system.

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