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“Sarnia Cherie” – Guernsey’s Unofficial Anthem

The song "Sarnia Cherie" is arguably Guernsey's most well known "Unofficial Anthem". It gets sung on numerous 'patriotic' and sporting events from Liberation day on 9th May each year to the Island Games medal ceremonies. But if you look at the lyrics it isn't extolling any particular patriotic fervour of people on the island but rather a melancholic longing of someone who is far from Guernsey shores. In this article we look at its origins and place in Guernsey social history.

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Why Do Onions Make us Cry When We Cut them ?

Why Do Onions Make us Cry When We Cut them ? : In a Nutshell : Breaking open onion cells which releases enzymes which in turn react with other released substances to release a volatile gas - which when it reaches our eyes, it reacts with the water that is intended to keep our eyes moist.


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The “Other” Guernsey – Guernsey County : Guernsey Pioneers in The New World

Most people will be familiar with our sister island's namesake in the US - New Jersey, but less well known is that there's also a Guernsey in the US , or to be precise a Guernsey County in Ohio. Guernsey County is almost as old as the United States itself. It was formed on the 10th March 1810 when the US was only 24 years old. The County is located in the State of Ohio and rests in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Bonus Question : Is Hell Exothermic or Endothermic?

We at are always keen to promulgate that ever exapanding 'body of knowledge' we like to call "intenet fluff". Accordingly we recycle here for your delectation a story that seems to have begun its life way back in 1997 when the internet was still young. Multiple examples now exist and its opening often varies - who the setter supposedly was and at what institution - but the core of the piece is always the same. Enjoy! :)

Time for a Party Game – Pub Quiz Challenge

Party time is always a good time for a game or two and everyone loves a "good ol' pub quiz". To test your knowledge we've gathered together a few pub-style quiz questions to challenge the "little grey cells". 40 questions guaranteed to tempt & tease out those nuggets of information that we're sure you will have squirrelled away somewhere.

The Science of Aging – Why do we age at all ?

While many search for the elusive Fountain of Youth, you might be wondering, Why do we age in the first place? What is it about our bodies or cells, biologically, that causes us to grow old?


How Old is Your Cat in Human Years ?

A question often asked by cat owners when trying to decide if their pet pussy is young, middle-aged or just plain ‘over the hill’. The calculation is fairly simple. Compared to dogs, which have greater variation based on size and breed, the method to calculate a cat’s age is pretty standard.

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