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Roman Jersey

Unlike Guernsey the Roman presence in Jersey is not so clear cut. In this article we look at some of the new emerging evidence for Roman ‘occupation’ in Jersey or ‘Andium’ as it was probably know by the Romans.

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Hugoids – Some Victor Hugo Factoids

Victor Hugo is well known locally as a world renowned literaty genuis and for his exile from his beloved France spent in his second home, Guernsey. However we’ve gathered together some rather less known factoids – or Hugoids as we like to call them.

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Jersey Legends & Folklore

Both Guernsey and Jersey folklore is full of stories of witches and ghosts. But in Jersey in the 18th and 19th century’s ‘witch balls’ entered the popular folklore of the time.

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When Worlds Collide : The Romans and Jersey’s Celtic Treasure Hoards

Jersey is unique in many ways but there is one that is particularly curious. Of all the channel Islands it seems to have had the most treasure hoards of all. The latest, the Catillon II hoard, had over 70,000 coins in it plus 2 golden torqs. Even more curious is that 4 similar hoards were all buried at the same time – the mid 1st Century B.C. So what was going on?

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Game for a Laugh – Some Channel Island Jokes

If you can’t laugh at yourselves every once in a while then something is seriously lacking. here we’ve gathered together a few Channel Island Jokes that play on the rivalries and stereotypes we as islanders like to apply to each other.

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Living with the Enemy – Jersey’s own “Anne Frank”

There are many stories various types of active resistance against the occupying forces. Indeed many islanders lost their lives, executed by the Germans for their opposition. In this article we look at one such act which has parallels with the Anne Frank storey in the Netherlands.

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Ancient Celtic offshore Banking

It looks like Jersey may have been an offshore banking centre for far longer than anyone has suspected. In June 2012 two metal detectorists uncovered a hoard of a staggering 70,000 late Iron Age and Roman coins. Their incredible find has since turned out to be the largest hoard ever found in Jersey.

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The Battle of Jersey

Guernsey and Jersey, along with the other Channel Islands lived, for hundreds of years right on the front line of conflict between Britain and France. Islanders had to train and be ready to fight to defend their homes at a moments notice. On 6th January 1781 this threat went from ‘potential’ to ‘actual’ when a French force landed undetected in Jersey. The ensuing conflict became known as “The Battle of Jersey”.

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The Jersey Cow

The Jersey breed originates from the Island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. Today, outstanding herds of Jerseys can be found from Denmark to New Zealand, from Canada to South America, and from South Africa to Japan.

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