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Sark’s Lancaster Bomber

On the evening of 22nd November 1942, 21 year old Flight Sergeant Eric Singleton sat in the cockpit of his Lancaster bomber, W4107 at RAF Scampton. By 4am the next morning this beautiful machine lay wrecked in a field on Sark. So what is the story of this bomber, its crew and how it ended up on Sark?

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What’s in a Name – L’Ancresse Bay

L’Ancresse – The Anchorage. (place name) Corruption of Norman French ‘ancre’ – anchor
So, no surprise then that this flat sandy bay in the north of the island should be named as an “anchorage”. What is surprising though is one of the stories associated with how it was given this name. That is the story of when Robert “the devil” Duke of Normandy met the Abbot of St Michel du Valle

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The Guernsey Markets – Was it always in Town and What existed prior to the “New Market Building” ?

In recent years the Guernsey Market buildings have undergone something of a grand transformation from the covered markets it was originally built for in the 19th century. They are certainly one of Guernsey’s most iconic landmarks, but its history has not always been as obvious. So, what was here before then and were Guernsey’s Markets always here ?

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2-REG or Not 2-REG – Guernseys Own Aircraft Registry

In April 2019 a remarkable Guernsey milestone was reached. That month saw the 500th aircraft registered in the States of Guernsey’s own prestigious “2-REG” aircraft registry. Aircraft, just like cars, need to be registered. Unlike your car, though, which will be registered in the place where it is driven, an aircraft can be registered in one jurisdiction but operated in another.

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Guernsey’s Occupation : Resistance & Punishment – Frank Falla’s Story

During the occupation of the Channel Islands it’s thought that about 1300 Channel Islanders were imprisoned in Jersey and Guernsey prisons during the occupation for acts of protest, defiance and resistance. Of these, at least 200 people were deported to Nazi prisons, labour and concentration camps on the continent. One of the most well known acts of resistance was the production of an underground News Letter “The Guernsey Underground News Service” or GUNS for short.

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Local Weather

07:4217:05 GMT
Feels like: 7°C
Wind: 19km/h WNW
Humidity: 73%
Pressure: 1030.48mbar
UV index: 0

Guernsey Airport



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