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What’s the Origin of the Term OK ?

“OK” – the all-purpose American expression that became an all-purpose English expression that became an all-purpose expression in dozens of other languages. It’s amazing that we ever got along without it at all. But we did. Until 1839.

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How Has The Bayeux Tapestry Survived for So Long ?

The Bayeux Tapestry tells one of the most famous stories in British history. It has survived revolution, war, clumsy restorations and even ‘kidnapping’ and has been threatened with destruction at every turn of these events. So how has it survived for nearly 1,000 years?

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Who Invented Spaghetti?

There seems to be a fair bit of controversy and some urban myth surrounding this particular question, which could also be asked as “Who invented Pasta ?” In this article we look at the origins of pasta and spaghetti.

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How Old is Your Cat in Human Years ?

A question often asked by cat owners when trying to decide if their pet pussy is young, middle-aged or just plain ‘over the hill’. The calculation is fairly simple. Compared to dogs, which have greater variation based on size and breed, the method to calculate a cat’s age is pretty standard.

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Ice Age Guernsey – What was it Like ?

Guernsey and the other Channel Islands have not always been islands. In fact Guernsey has been an island and not an island several times over the millennia with the waxing and waning of various ice ages. But what was it like ?

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Party Games For Christmas – The London Underground Game 2

Christmas is a traditionally a time for family fun and games so why not try out this London Underground game (strictly speaking there are also overground and DLR ones in there as well). See how many London stations you can guess from this cryptic graphic we found on the internet.

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Why is Christmas the most Important Christian Holiday?

To anyone looking from the outside, Christmas would seem to be the biggest festival of the Christian year. It has the 4 week build-up with Advent, there are more carol services than you can shake a yule-log at, and the churches are packed with people who may not have even stepped inside a church since last Christmas! So is it really Christianity’s most important festival ?

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How the food of Charles Dickens defined Christmas – plus an Alternate Christmas Recipe

Charles Dickens was a serious food lover. His literature introduced a festive menu that has barely changed since the Cratchits gathered round their table in “A Christmas Carol”. In Dicken’s novel “Little Dorrit” the character John Chivery is rewarded for running “mysterious missions” with a banquet, for which Miss Rugg “with her own hands stuffed a leg of mutton with oysters.” Here is that menu.

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Saint Sampson – A Superstar of his Time

It is St Sampson who is credited with bringing the Christian Gospel, to not only Guernsey, but the whole of the Channel Islands. He wasn’t just a local phenomenon but would have been regarded as something of a celebrity, a “rock star of his time”. We look at the the life and times of this remarkable man in this article.

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What Will Happens to the Earth if the Ozone Layer Keeps Ripping?

Today you can’t pick up a newspaper or watch a nature programme without hearing about global warming and the damage we are doing to our planet. However this isn’t the first natural calamity, caused by man in the modern era – until a decade ago it was all about “the Ozone Layer”.

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Guernseys Lonely Sentinel – Brehon Tower

Dominating the entrance to the sheltered sanctuary of St Peter Port Harbour on the east coast of Guernsey is the Brehon Rock. Atop of which sits Brehon tower – a now lonely sentinel guarding the Little Russel. In this article we look at its military history.

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