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Monks on Herm

Christianity arrived in the Channel Islands during the 6th Century AD. It was brought largely by Welsh refugees escaping the tyranny of the Anglo Saxon invaders in their home areas. In this article we look at one of the smallest Channel Islands - Herm - and how monks came to the island


Who was Mary Magdalene ?

Possibly one of the most maligned and mis-understood charaters in the Bible. Mary Magdalane has been variously described as a Prostitute, an Apostle and even the wife of Jesus. But who was she really?

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Was Jesus a Real Person ?

Should we regard the Jesus described in the New Testament as a myth. That is that Jesus either didn’t do the things he’s said to have done in the New Testament, or even that there was a real person on whom the Jesus legend was based ?
In this article we look at evidence OUTSIDE of the Bible.

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The Day St George lost his head … literally

On the 23rd April 303 AD in Nicomedia, (near today’s Istanbul), St George of dragon fame was beheaded on the orders of the Roman emperor Diocletian. As you’re no doubt aware he went on to become the patron saint of Englend, and quite a few other places as well as it happens. The story of his life and death is no less fascinating.

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The Meaning of 12 Days of Christmas Carol

There’s one particular Christmas Carol that continues to baffle people – “The Twleve days of Christmas”. What in the world do ‘leaping lords’, ‘French hens’,’swimming-swans’ and especially the partridge who won’t come out of the pear tree have to do with Christmas?

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The Languages (& Translations) of the Bible – Linguistic Conundrums

Much of the Christian Bible was written in Greek so why don’t we read the Bible in Greek? How many languages has it been translated into? and Why does it matter? It turns out that the answer to the last question is very important indeed when you study the linguistic differences, subtle nuances and context in which writtings can appear within a passage of scripture.

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Did the Romans invent Christmas?

The Romans were pagans for the first 300 years of Christianities existence.We’ll see in this article that Christianity has been very clever in subsuming pagan festivals and replacing them with their own, especially when the exact dates of some Christian festivals cannot be pin-pointed precicisely.

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Pivotal Moments : November 27 1095 – The Pope orders Crusade

There are key moments in history when on the decisions and actions of men the course of human history is changed forever. November 27 1095 was such a day. It was the day on which Pope Urban II made perhaps the most influential speech of the Middle Ages calling for crusade in the Holy land.

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