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Were the Moon Landings Fake ? – Debunking The Conspiracy Theories

To have to be forced to even think about debunking this question is something of a sad indictment of our current zeitgeist. That said, the Moon Landing conspiracy, is one of those theories that seems to persist - so we'll give it our best shot to explain the most pertinent objections that are often quoted as 'proof' that it was all fake, and nothing more than an attempt to humiliate the Russians and hoodwink the world in the cause of American glory.


Origins of Everyday Inventions we use in the Office : Selloptape; Photo-copier Post-It Notes

We can take a lot things for granted in our day to day lives. Take your office for example : Who came up with the idea of those little yellow rectangles that are indispensable for leaving a note stuck to your colleagues screen or the photo-copier that will faithfully churn out copies of a document your boss forgot he absolutely positively needs 5 minutes before a crucial meeting.

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Strange but True : Medical Scanners from Old Battleships

The idea that all war is forever over and that swords will be put to a more peaceful use is appealing, but seemingly ever beyond our grasp. The literal forging of weapons into a better purpose seems far fetched, so it will surprise you to know that today we literally are doing this! Medical Scanners are being made from old WW2 and pre-WW2 Battleships. But why ?

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How Do Quartz Watches Work ?

Quartz watches – we all know of them, use them , rely on them – but have you ever stopped to wonder how they work ? How a mineral like quartz can possibly be used to keep acurate time? Well wonder no more, in this article we hope to lay bare some the secrets and mysteries of the little marvel on your wrist, the quartz watch.

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The Joy of Slinky – The Physics of a Metal Marvel

I’ve recently re-discovered the joy of the Slinky – one of the simplest of all children’s toys and yet, so beguiling, as it seems to defy the laws of physics by hinting at some sort of perpetual motion. So how on earth does this work?

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How Happy is Your Dog ?

When it comes to the pointless application of technology then this must rank pretty high … Introducing the Wagometer

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Are We in a Digital Information Dark Age Right Now ?

We are living in an age when the amount of data being collected every minute from the daily lives of those on the planet has never been greater. Information is literally is at our fingertips. So how could we be in a ‘Digital Information Dark Age’ ?

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Nothing seems quite so paradoxical as the inventor of dynamite being the sponsor of the World’s most renowned peace award – The Nobel Prize. That being the case the invention of Dynamite, please note NOT gunpowder, was a pretty seminal moment in the history of technology.

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Who Invented the Vending Machine ?

The Vending Machine is a lot older than you might think. It was actually invented by Greek inventor ‘Hero of Alexandria’ who came up with the first known vending machine design around AD 60.

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The First Cities

Thursday July 12 2007 was a seminal day (apparently). On that day the a United Nations report, that coincided with World Population Day, revealed that for the first time in history, more people were now living in cities than rural areas. But how did this come about ? In this artice we look at the key argricultural and technological developements needed for this to happen.

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