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How to Make Cider in 7 Easy Steps

Cider has been made for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence shows that ancient European and Asian cultures used apples to make a crude version of cider as early as 6500 B.C. In this article we demonstrate how easy it is to make golden Guernsey Cider.

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Guernsey Cider Production – A History

NO GENUINE local food table could be considered complete without a bottle of cider. This delicious, and potent, brew was made in both of the larger Channel Islands but techniques were interestingly varied.

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Why Does Alcohol Make You Drunk?

Alcohol has been used by humans for medicinal and recreational purposes for thousands of years (see the sidebar ‘When Was Beer First Brewed’), but scientists still aren’t entirely sure how it makes us tipsy

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Medieval Cookery – Pease Pudding

Made famous in a Nursery Rhyme, nowadays most commonly cooked in the north-east of England, pease pudding is a dish that evolved from medieval pease pottage, In this article we show you how to make it yourself.

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The Origin of … Carbonated Drinks

Given the bad press that fizzy drinks get these days, it may come as a surprise that ‘soda pop’ was originally conceived as a beverage to be consumed for the benefit of one’s health.

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Baked Beans – Peculiarly British ?

Baked Beans – beloved as part of an ‘English Breakfast’ eaten by the ton on toast is perhaps a peculiarly British love. But where did this come from – and where did ‘baked beans’ originate from ?

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How did Bread become a staple food in the West ?

Bread has not always been the staff of life, certainly not in the West. Today however bread & bread products are our staple foods. Life without it would be unthinkable. So how did our most basic and yummy of foods develop ?

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