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Game for a Laugh – Some Channel Island Jokes

If you can’t laugh at yourselves every once in a while then something is seriously lacking. here we’ve gathered together a few Channel Island Jokes that play on the rivalries and stereotypes we as islanders like to apply to each other.

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St Magloire – Patron Saint of Sark

October 24th is the feast day of a local Saint you may never have heard of, Saint Magloire. He’s credited with introducing Christianity to Sark and as such has been adopted as the patron saint of the island.

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Donkeys, Toads & Crows

Every country has it’s own national symbols. The Channel Islands are no different and there’s a surprising array of animals ascribed to each island and their people.

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Flags of the Channel Islands

Many of the flags recall links to the The Duchy of Normandy. The Duchy stems from the Viking invasions of France in the 8th century. It was created by the treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte in 911 out of concessions made by King Charles, and granted to Rollo.

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