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To Surf and Serve

Have you ever had a hankering to be involved with some of today’s latest cutting edge scientific projects. Maybe rub shoulder with the teams searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, or join the hunt for very large prime numbers or test algorithms for predicting the three-dimensional shape of protein molecules from their linear formula?

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Who Runs the Internet ?

Contrary to ‘popular’ belief the internet is not run by the a secretive group of ‘internet elders’, nor is is contained in a little black box with a flashing red light. Who runs the internet is a pretty big question, and one that we can help clarify with a handy info-graphic in this article.

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How do Fibre Optics Transfer Data?

Fibre optics represents an evolutionary leap in the speed and bandwidth capacity of telecommunications systems. Copper cable, once the standard for phone lines, can transmit a few million electrical signals per second, while fibre can handle a staggering 20 billion light pulses per second.

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Learning to Let Go – Self Organising Systems

We like to think that things that work well come about through good organisation, rigorous planning and strong front led management. But is this really true ? If we look at nature there’s some excellent examples of self-organising systems that “just seem to work”. Can we learn from this and learn to “let go” ?

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Emoticons … a history

Emoticons … those little smiley characters crop up everywher , texts emails , twitters. They instantly convey a whole gammat of meaning. Today you even get some representing Elvis, a rose and Homer Simpson. But who invented them and when ?

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How does the Open Source model work ?

On the face of it, in a capitalist society where you only work for financial and personal reward where the profit margin is everything, the open source model shouldn’t work. So what is it and how does it work?

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Knickknack Googlewack

Google is often taken for granted .. you type in a phrase, you get instant intellisense help, you hit “search” and seconds later you get hundreds of thousands of results. The speed when you think about it is mind boggling.

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