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A (brief) History of Christmas – Part 2

A history of Christmas might sound like a fairly simple undertaking. From nativity, to church, to family, to commerce - a story of high beginnings, a cosy, warm middle and the chill of cold hard cash and commercialism at the end. However its not quote that simple - the type of Christmas we celebrate today has a very winding tale indeed.


Historical Superstitions We Still Observe Today

We like to think that our modern world is free from superstition – we are enlightened people living in an age of science fact. Well, not quite, we still find ourseves observing superstitions – sometimes consciously and sometimes by habit. In this article we look at some historical superstitions we still observe today.

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Guernsey Ways – Vraicing

Few island customs, except perhaps the Clameur de Haro, which survive today can claim as ancient a history as that of ” vraicing.”

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How to Smug a Guy – An old Guy Fawkes Tradition

The British are a nation with a long and proud history steeped in ritual and tradition. None more so when it comes to the rather odd celebration of ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ where we gleefully celebrate the burning of a Catholic traitor caught trying to blow up the houses of parliament. However there is one rather odd tradition surrounding this event that we would suggest is best not revived – ‘Smugging a Guy’.

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Some Christmas Tree Factlets

Today the Christmas Tree is a pretty ubiquitous symbol of the yuletide season. It wasn’t always so. In this article we look at a few historical Christmas Tree factoids.

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The Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is a ubiquitous image of the season. Trees were a symbol of life long before Christianity. In this article we look at a very short history of the Christmas tree.

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Old Guernésiais Cures, Remedies & Superstitions

Being a small community isolated from the rest of the world it’s no surprise that Guernsey used to posses a rich set of folklore tales, ancient cures and remedies for ailments and many superstitious tales. In this article we’ve gathered together some of the more intriguing and somewhat amusing wisdom of the old Guernésiais folk.

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How Did Xmas Come to Stand for Christmas?

The use of the colloquial “Xmas” has often been singled out as an example of how this religious celebration has been commercialized and robbed of its religious content. So how did Xmas come to stand for Christmas?

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