Lost In Translation Languages

English is the global language of communication which means that when it collides with local languages it can have hilarious results. Here we’ve gathered together the results of some of the planets finest misadventures in English … enjoy!

In the window of an Indian shop:

Why go somewhere else to be cheated when you can come here?

Cards handed out in front of shop, Mexico:

Come to Juan’s Jewelry Shop. We won’t screw you too much.

Rules for climbing Mount Fuji, Japan:

A teffific gust often overtakes three times consecutively. Keep yourself lying flat on the siope until it’s completely blown over. Danger comes soonest when it’s despised. In case of bad weather such as, storm, fain, snow and a dense fog, avoid climbing futher than the fifth staition. when the weather breaks suddely. just give up half-way and return. The nearest-to-the-sky location in Japan is far colder than the feets of the mountain. Bring garbage back to your home.

Cash machine in China:

Help oneself terminating machine.

Chinese temple:

Please take one step forward and crap twice.

Plantation Bay resort, Philippines:

Swimming pool suggestions: Open 24 hours. Lifeguard on duty 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Drowning absolutely prohibited.

Sign in a Swimming Pool in France:

Swimming is forbidden in the absence of the saviour.

Hotel pool, Istanbul, Turkey:

No diving. No nakedness. No ruining.