Coca-Cola has been around for well over 100 years now. It was first used as medicine and was claimed to cure many ailments, including impotence. It’s now the most popular soft drink in the world.

As the advert goes … “Coke it’s the real thing”. The real thing for what though? As it turns out it has more uses than just a sugary, fizzy soda drink.

THING 01 : Neutralize a jellyfish sting

Urban legend (wrongly) would have you peeing on a jellyfish sting, well if you don’t fancy doing that on a crowded beach then you can use Coke instead. The relief will be almost instantaneous.

THING 02 : Cleaning Chrome corroded with Sea Water (or other metals)

Yes folks if you have a salt-water dwelling boat then you’ll know that it’s nice chrome bits can get all bubbly & pitted. Well if you leave it overnight soaking in Coke, in the morning it will look brand spanking new. The same also applies to removing rust; cleaning pennies or any other metalled surface. Methods include : soaking in Coke; fabric dipped in Coke or using a sponge.

THING 03 : Removing stains from Clothing

You can remove all sorts of things from clothing and fabrics with Coke most notably grease and blood stains.

THING 04 : Pest Control

You can kill slugs and snails that would otherwise attempt to eat you garden plants & vegetables. Simply place a small bowl of Coke near your plants buried so that the bowl rim is at ground level. The Coke will attract them, and the acid will kill them when they fall in.

THING 05 : Clean oil from a garage floor

To clean oil stains from a garage floor simply let the stain soak in Coke for a while and then hose off.

THING 06 : Prevent an asthma attack!

Apparently, the caffeine in two 330ml cans can help to prevent the onset of an attack.

THING 07 : Loosen a rusty bolt

A variant of the metal cleaning above, pour some Coke on a rusty bolt and wait for the magic to happen.

THING 08 : Defrosting a Windscreen

Tired of scraping off that pesky ice from your windscreen during winter? Simply pour a can of Regular Coke over it and wait. You’ll be amazed!

THING 09 : Window Cleaner

Coca-Cola contains citric acid, which makes it the perfect glass and window cleaner. No more harsh chemicals, just pour Coke over your windows and wipe them down with a moistened cloth.

THING 10 : Hair Curling

For perfect curls, even if your hair is straight, leave an open can of Coke out overnight. Then pour it over your long hair and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.