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Are We Capable of Understanding the Universe ?

The pursuit of science is based on the belief that the explanations we seek are comprehensible to the human brain. But supposing they’re not? What if no human brain is well enough equipped to understand the universe. What if we are fooling ourselves?

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Top Five Thought Experiments

Thought experiments are mental hypotheses, used by philosophers as ways of illuminating complex ideas. Here’s 5 of the top hot topics.

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Is free will an illusion ?

What would you say if scientists could show that brain activity to press a button occurred 7 seconds before you consciously made the decision to even do so ?

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Mind & Body – Where do they begin and end

The Mind-Body problem. One of philosophy’s great topics of conjecture and debate. How are mental phenomena explicable in terms of, or otherwise related to, physical states and events in the body ?

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