As the saying goes “Out of the mouths of babes oft times come gems” … and those gems can sometimes be extremely hilarious indeed. We’ve gathered together some of the things that children have written at school in response to tests.

A triangle which has an angle of 135 degrees is called an obscene angle.

A census taker is a person who goes from House to House increasing the population

Helicopters are cleverer than planes. Not only can they fly through the air they can also hoover.

Q: What are rabies and what would you do for them? A: Rabies are Jewish priests. I would do nothing for them

Doctors now treat their patients with uitra-violent rays.

Barristers are pieces of wood, generally at the side of stairs.

Joseph had a goat of many colours, but it got him out of the pit all right

My brother if handsome, my Sister if handmore, but my cousin is by far the handmost.

The pleasures of youth are very great, but they are not to be compared to the pleasures of adultery.

After Hitler got out of prison in 1924 he reorganized the Nazi party and came to a realization that in order for him to acquire power he had to work within the electrical system

After hearing the music of the French troubadours, Petrarch began to write sonnets about courtney love.

A hostage is a lady who entertains visitors

A polygon is a man who has many wives.

Emphasis in reading is patting more distress in one place than another.

In conclusion We may say that Shylock was qreedy, malicious, and indeed, entirely viscous.

Coal is decayed vegetarians.

King Arthur lived in the age of shivery

Alexander the Great conquered Persia, Egypt and Japan. Sadly he died with no hairs.

Another Greek myth was Jason and the Golden Fleas.

The Turks manicured the pilgrims.