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Why do we Lie – The Science behind Lying

White lies, exaggerations, boldface lies, half-truths, lies by omission, bluffs – there are a multitude of ways to intentionally deceive someone and the human race seem sto be inventing new ones daily. But can we scientifically detect when a person is lying ?

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Extra Senses – Beyond the ‘traditional five’

There’s one popular misteaching that seems to pervade : it’s our understanding of ‘the senses’ – and that is that there are only 5 of them. However if you really think about this subject a bit, its pretty obvious and quickly apparent that we have many more ways to sense the world

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Take Control of Your Dreams for Real : Lucid Dreaming

No this isn’t one of those infomercials or self-help articles saying “you too can achieve your dreams & life goals if you follow our 10 step programme … blah blah blah”. This is about lucid dreaming – the ability to conciously control your dreams whilst you sleep.

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Why Do We Forget?

Forgetfulness is irritating and can be damaging and distressing, but it may also be necessary for basic survival – so why do we forget ?

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Play it Again Sam – What is Déjà Vu ?

Déjà vu is French for ‘already seen’ and describes the sensation many of us experience from time to time when we are sure a certain situation has happened before. But is there any explanation as to why we should experience this ?

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Why do we sometimes get a tune stuck in our heads ?

Why is it that we sometimes get a tune or chorus stuck in our heads and play it over and over again even though it’s driving us crazy?
This is one of those questions that one wonders if there really could be an answer or is it ‘just one of those things’. Well some neuroscientists, pyschologists and evene marketers have something to say on this subject.

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Is there any scientific basis to the idea of “brainwashing” ?

If true, then the idea of “brainwashing” – that is convincing someone to do or behave in some way that they wouldn’t normally – has terrible consequences. It means people can claim they were under this infuence when they committed a crime and would mean that we are all vulnerabe to manipulation.

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Why do we blush?

Blushing is rather an odd physiological and psychological response to embarrassment or awkward social situations. Could there be any rational or logical explanation for this? What possible evolutionary reason could there be for such a strange phenomenon.

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Is there a Place in our Brains where Consciousness exists ?

“We no longer have to wonder what self-awareness looks like – we can see it for ourselves” : A bold statement indeed. What we’re referring to here though is that scientists now believe that they can trace where they think conscientiousness physically sits in the brain

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