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Guernsey Legends – Duke Richard of Normandy and the Devil

It is said that some of the strange imprints on some of the rocks and granite boulders in Guernsey were made by the Devil’s cloven feet as he has prowled around our island home. This legend is one such tale about how Duke Richard of Normandy actually met and fought the Devil

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The Mayan Apocalypse that never was

The Mayan Apocalypse “predicted” for 21st December 2012 clearly never happened. However people everywhere were in a frenzy over a claims that the world would end on Friday 21st December 2012. But who were the Mayans and where did this apocalyptic vision come from? and more importantly how did the hype get so big ?

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Donkeys, Toads & Crows

Every country has it’s own national symbols. The Channel Islands are no different and there’s a surprising array of animals ascribed to each island and their people.

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