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Has the Fabled Viking ‘Magic Crystal’ been discovered … in the Channel Islands ?

This is a true story of a mystery that's puzzled archaeologists for a long time. Namely how to explain the nautical prowess of the Vikings in an age long before the invention of reliable magnetic compasses.. Up until now only strange and vague references to their use of a 'Magic Sun Crystals' has been offered up as part of the solution to this conundrum.


Speak Like a Saxon

Despite first appearances, the English we speak now is a direct descendant of Anglo-Saxon. So have you ever wondered what Anglo-Saxon might have sounded like ? In this article we look at how Anglo-Saxon was written and how it would have sounded.

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The Queen … “Our Duke”

“The Queen, Our Duke” – an odd thing to say, especially in a loyal toast to the English Sovereign. Nonetheless whenever Channel Islanders raise their glasses to her majesty that’s the toast that will be made.

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Anno Domini – Origin of the Western Calendar

Anno Domini or “the year of our Lord” is the dating system we use in the West and is all but the de-facto world standard for chronology. But when and how was it calculated and what was in use prior to this dating system in western Europe ?

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