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The Interstellar Pioneers

Pioneer 10 was launched on 2 March 1972 and would become the first spacecraft to pass through the asteroid belt found between Mars and Jupiter, and the first to get up close to Jupiter. It was also the first to leave the Solar System and head into deep space.


How Did Something Come From Nothing?

How Did Something Come From Nothing? : Questions do not come much deeper than this and until the 1970s only theologians and philosophers felt able to take it on (plus physics students still in the bar at closing time)

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The Moon Really IS Made of Cheese

When we say ‘the Moon’ we don’t mean OUR moon but another in our solar system. Researchers in the U.S. have got a close look at what they’re calling ‘the weirdest moon in the solar system’

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Why Can’t We Travel Faster than the Speed of Light

Why Can’t We Travel Faster than the Speed of Light? – This might be news to some of you but if you’re familiar with Einsteins theory of relativity, and that most famous of equations E=mc2, you’ll understand the limitations imposed by the equation. But exactly why should it be like this ?

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What Causes the Pull of Gravity ?

One of the most common and baffling science questions is “how does gravity work?”. If you too find yourself confused then rest assured you’re in good company … even Sir Isaac Newton admitted he was baffled by gravity. In this article we look at Einsteins solution to this conundrum.

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Why do tides ebb and flow?

In a nutshell … tides are caused by the gravitational attraction between the moon and the Earth. In this article we look at how.

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Dropping in on the Big Bang

In the days of analogue TV you turned into a channel through various UHF frequencies. If you stopped tuning before you found a channel, you’d see a screen full of ‘snow’ – white dots . Some of that ‘snow’ is a sign of the Big Bang , although nobody was aware of its significance until the 1960s.

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How was the Moon Formed

How and when did the Earth acquire the Moon? Much light has been shed since the Apollo moon landings and more recently when super-computers have enabled more detailed modelling to take place.

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Why does time go forward?

An odd question and an even odder answer when we say that it’s because “you can’t unspill milk or unshatter a glass”. In this article we explain what this means.

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Why is the Earth’s Core Still Hot ?

We know that the Earth’s core is hot, but not how hot. Actually, even geologists don’t know exactly what the temperature is, either, but they know it is almost as hot as the sun. Now that’s hot ! In this article we look at what’s going on down there and why it’s so hot.

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Will the Earth ever stop spinning?

So here’s a question you might idly contemplate as you lie back one summers evening gazing into star bright night sky watching as the planets, the moon and the stars idly move on by, “Will the Earth ever stop spinning ?”

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The Day the Universe Changed – Copernicus and a New World View

Up until the mid 16th century the predominant view was that the Sun revolved around the Earth. It wasn’t until Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543) and later Galileo Galilei (1564–1642) came along that a heliocentric model of the Solar System was able to triumph. In this article we look at the seminal moment our understanding of the Universe changed!

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Why is there something rather than nothing?

Why is there something rather than nothing ? Or to put it another way why do we and for that matter the Universe exist ? These kinds of questions along with their proposed answers form a ‘set’ of philosophical...

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