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Why Do We Cry?

Why Do We Cry? In a Nutshell : Crying is beneficial to health and mental well-being. A good cry is great for body and mind.
We also look in this article at the very complex plumbing system and tear film layers that work hard to protect your eyes.

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What are People Made of?

There are several ways we could measure what we are made of. We could classify ourselves as amounts of fat, bones, and muscle. Or maybe we could express ourselves by percentage of water (about 50-60% if you really want to know).

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Why do we get goose bumps when we are cold?

Goose bumps are small bumps on a person’s skin at the base of body hairs. Tiny muscles at the base of each hair contract and pull the hair erect. The most common type of goose bumps is a response to cold.

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Why does our hair go grey or white when we get old?

Some people get grey (or white) hairs in their twenties, and others still have dark hair well into their seventies and eighties. The process of greying can occur gradually over many years as individual hair follicles stop producing colour, or it can happen within a matter of months or a few years. How long depends a lot on genetics.

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What Makes us Right-Handed or Left-Handed?

In a Nutshell – Researchers say it is in the genes.

It’s the same reason some people are brown-eyed and some are blue-eyed. The Human Genome Project tends to support the theory that a single gene is responsible for handedness

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Can People’s Past Injuries Predict When a Storm is Coming?

There are many people who often claim to have an arthritic joint with the power to tell the future, at least meteorologically. The idea that certain painful health conditions are affected by the weather is an ancient claim, dating back to at least Hippocrates in the 4th century B.C and no even doubt earlier. But can this phenomenon be explained?

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Why Can’t We Eat Grass ?

Grass stems and similar green leafy bits of plants make up the major part of the diet of many common animals, including cows, sheep, kangaroos and horses. If they can eat it, so why can’t we?

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Why Were Some Dinosaurs so Large ?

From the fossil evidence, it’s clear that, species by species, individual by individual, dinosaurs were more massive than any other group of animals that has ever lived on land. It’s as if today’s laws of physics didn’t apply back then allowing them to grow to such a gigantic size. So what could possibly explain this ?

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Fresh Air Really IS Good For You !

There is a deep-rooted idea in the Western world that fresh air and sunshine are good for us. Going back to medieval times, the spread of disease was often blamed on bad or malodorous air. The idea that fresh air could cure has been current right up until our recent history. Well, it looks as though all those medics of yesteryear may have been on to something after all.

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